Cosy Up For Winter

Well the weather has definitely taken a wintry turn! Now that the clocks have gone back, it won't be long before we get the dark mornings and early evenings. I actually struggle with this a lot, it just seems like we should now be hibernating till spring!

As you might have gathered, I am someone who prefers to be out in the fresh air rather than cooped up at home. But the dark miserable winter weather doesn't always make this a viable option.

Sooo, let's talk about ways we can use the time at home in a positive, creative way - after the way 2020 has gone we should be used to this by now but clearly not!

However much fun I have binge watching Netflix, I struggle to keep still. I'm usually doing something else whilst I'm watching. Often, it's a crochet project, or I'm on the laptop working on stuff. And there's only so many TV episodes I can get through before I get bored.

And let's be honest it's not the most productive use of my time.


So here are some suggestions on creative activities we can try out instead.


* Learn a completely new craft or try out a new technique to take your skills to a new level

Although I consider myself a fairly competant artist and use a variety of different mediums across many techniques, I still have a very long list of things I want to try out. Though I don't think glass blowing is a safe thing to try at home!!!

Encaustic art is on my list (using beeswax to blend, colour and attach items to create a beautiful painting) and I have a lot of the tools and materials at home already so I'm thinking to trying this out for my winter project.


* Make cosy crochet blankets - crochet is a very relaxing craft and making yourself a cosy blanket has the added benefit of keeping you warm whilst you're making it!!

I made a beautiful mermaid blanket for a friends little girl a couple of years ago and it has been very well used - obviously too small for me to wear whilst I was making it tho!!! But there are plenty of adult size mermaid blanket patterns too.

You might find it less daunting to try out a new pattern on an small square which can then be combined with other squares to create an amazing multi colour/pattern blanket.


* Batch baking for the freezer -

If like me you haven't had the opportunity to do much baking over lockdown (I made the obligatory lockdown banana bread once!) then allocating a day to whip up a lot of cakes and biscuits for the freezer might be the way to go.

There are two ways you could do this, meaning you can have a sweet treat whenever you need one -

1 - bake the cakes/cookies, then slice and freeze as single all you have to do is defrost (I use the microwave as I can't wait!!!) and warm if required.

2 - make up the batter/dough, divide into portions and freeze.....then take as many portions out as required and bake from frozen.


* Homemade gifts for friends and family - I always think it's nice to give presents that have that personal touch. Whether it is some handcrafted soaps and lotions or fun sweet treats they are always much appreciated.

Over the years I've made some lovely hand crafted gifts such as - chocolate truffles, crocheted gloves and scarves, cakes and cookies, lip balms and body scrubs.

I usually pick projects that have minimal ingredients using things most people have in their kitchens or that are easy and cheap to purchase online.


* Jam and Chutney making - this time of year brings so many beautiful (and yummy!) fruits and vegetables. If you're anything like my mum, you are swimming in a glut of apples, pears and pumpkins!!

So making good use of these means we'll be stocking ourselves up for months to come with lots of deliciousness!

Most recipes are straight forward and don't require many expensive confusing ingredients.


* Get out your drawing/art materials and try out some new techniques -

What about playing around with some collage ideas? I think most people have old magazines, cardboard and books lying around which are perfect for recycling into fun and thought provoking pictures.


There are so many creative things to do with your time. Just make sure it's something you enjoy and that gives you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Even just going through and organising your tool boxes and store cupboards can feel like a great accomplishment.

I have set up a folder on my Pinterest account with information about different ideas you might like to try out.

I hope you have found these suggestions interesting and inspiring. I would love to see some of your projects so please feel free to post them along with your comments...either here on the blog or on the CREATE Instagram page.