My Quest for the Holy Grail - of Pens!!!


I don't know about you but finding products that are versatile, good quality AND affordable isn't always easy.

I've been looking for some decent fineliner pens for a while but although there are several brands available most don't have a particularly large range of colours.

Poppy Pointillist Sketch 2019

My recent obsession with pointillism sketches has led me to try out different nib sizes and colours so I can make a whole selection of different sized dots.

I've been using ProMarkers for several years now and love the wide range of colours available. They, along with Sharpie markers have been staple items in my drawing arsenal for a while.

However, trying to find similar products with the same wide range of colours in a fineliner pen has been a rather disappointing search.

BUT....I've finally found a product that fits this description - Inkonic fineliner pens by Arteza.

They come in a huge range of colours - pack sizes range from 48 pens through to 120 pens!

As you can see in the video I have been using these pretty consistently in the past few months! I love their versatility as well as the beautiful range of colours available.

In the video I mention a few minor issues that I think would improve their overall design -

Colour difference is quite substantial

1. The colour on the pen lid doesn't match the colour of the ink - as you can see in the picture here there can be a substantial difference.

2. The range would really benefit from a colour number or name system - going on their website today it looks like this has been addressed and they've now added a number system which is brilliant!

3. It would be great if you could buy them singly as no one wants to buy a whole new set of pens just because one of your pens runs out.

But as I say, these are minor issues and don't detract from the overall quality of the product.

So, go check Arteza out, they have an amazing range of art and craft products. I've found the quality to be really good and there is the added bonus that you can buy things on Clearpay so you can spread the cost of your order, which is always useful - especially if you're as obsessed with quality products as I am!!

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