Winter Warmers Special - Week 1


So this week here in the UK we have gone back to tighter national COVID restrictions which means we're back to hunkering down and staying home a lot!!!

There's also a distinct chill in the air and a definite change in the weather!!! In more recent years October has been a relatively mild month meaning that our descent into winter has been more gradual but this year winter is clearly on it's way.

Last week we discussed creative projects to keep us occupied over the winter months. As a creative person, I find I feel more inspired to create when I'm in an environment that's comfortable and cosy surrounded by things that make me happy. we are going into some form of forced hibernation, now is definitely the time to ensure our indoor spaces are set up in a way that brings us joy and inspires our creativity.

I thought over the next few weeks we could get a little more specific about ways we can decorate and personalise our indoor spaces. We'll look at several creative ways we can get cosied up and feel at home.


Week 1 In Our 'Winter Warmer' Special

Who doesn't love a comfy sofa full of cushions??? Just the thing for snuggling up on with a hot cup of tea and of course, some biscuits!

And it's always nice to be able to personalise your decor in some way.

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a plain cushion cover and some creative materials.

My favourite cushion covers for personalising are from Ikea and can be found here.

The reason I was initially drawn them was they had one in a gorgeous green colour - as you can see in the picture. They don't seem to have the same variety of vibrant colours now but they have a great texture which works so well with several techniques.

Here are a couple of suggestions on ways to use them, followed by a handy DIY cushion cover that will have you raiding your other halfs wardrobe or wishing the local charity (thrift store) shop was open!!


1 - Bleach Painted Cushion Cover

I love this technique! All you need is your cushion cover, a spray bottle of bleach or sterilising fluid, a large sheet of newspaper covered cardboard (to put inside the cushion cover to stop the bleach leaking through to the other side) and some decorative elements to use as reverse stencil.

On this one, I've used some fern leaves which I laid on the surface of the cushion cover before spraying with bleach. Then I splashed dots of bleach around to create a watercolour effect. You can see from the colour of the fern leaf that the original colour of this cushion cover was burgundy but once I applied the bleach it took on this beautiful orange colour. And remember, different fabrics and colours behave in different ways so it's best to try out a test patch on the inside seam of your cushion cover to see what happens with the colour once you apply the bleach.

2 - Tie Dye Cushion Cover

Contrary to popular belief, you can try out tie dye techniques without using a bucket/bath full of messy dye. There are several different liquid fabric paints and inks that you can use create the right effect without making a load of mess - I mean if I can do it without dying myself, then anyone can!!

Here is a t-shirt I used this technique on but it applies to cushion covers too. You will need - a cushion cover of course (I would go for a plain, light coloured one), some fabric inks/paints and elastic bands.

Gather up the centre of your cushion cover and start adding rows of elastic bands - I have attached a link here to show you a tutorial that's clear and easy to understand.

3 - Repurposed Shirt Cushion Cover

These are really fun and easy to do. They work super well in check/plaid fabric which is perfect if you're into the whole woodsy, autumnal style.

Essentially, you measure your cushion pad on the centre of the shirt, then cut the top and bottom off the shirt and sew across the top and bottom edges.

The beauty of this is that the centre buttons are the opening, meaning you don't have to sew in any zips or fastenings which makes it a fast and easy make!


So I hope you've found these 3 ideas interesting and a good start in inspiring you to get your house ready for a long but cosy winter!?

I've added some variations on these ideas onto the group Pinterest folder so you can check out lots of interesting ways you can make and use cushions to personalise your space.

And please, feel free to comment and show us your ideas and makes either here on the blog or on the Instagram page.