Craft Tool of the Month


Ball Embossing Stylus

So what is a Embossing Stylus Tool and what is it used for?

This ball stylus is double ended, usually with a different sized ball on each end which makes it easy to pick the right size for the project you're working on. 

You can use them for a technique called dry - or relief - embossing which is done with a stencil, often made of metal. You place the stencil on your card or paper and use the stylus' to trace the design. When you turn over your paper, the design is raised in relief.

It also works really well for embossing metal foil which looks amazing!

Also it's useful for creating more realistic paper petals and leaves - anything that needs to be given some gentle 3d shaping.

But the way I use it the most is for tracing a pattern on to a surface, for example paper, canvas or wood. Place a piece of carbon paper on top of the prepared surface and your pattern on top. Secure with tape, then use the stylus' to trace the lines. Now your pattern has been transferred to your surface ready for you to work on your painting etc.

Please feel free to check embossing stylus' out online for more information.

​I've also pinned a few ideas and pictures of the types available on Pinterest so you can check those out if you wish.