Craft Tool of the Month


Ceramic Pencutter.
This is a tool that is new to me - I've seen these cutters advertised online but have only just around to testing one out. Essentially they are a teeny tiny ceramic blade inside a plastic pen casing.

Teeny weeny little blade - barely perceptible in the photo.

I bought the cheapest I could find on eBay! It's marked up as being by a company Called Filolanf. 

Apparently ceramic blades last much longer than standard metal blades but I guess time will tell.

I found getting used to the tiny blade a little difficult because it's hard to make accurate cuts when you can't see the blade properly. However, I will say it gives a very clean cut.

The one I got is a cheap disposable version but I have noticed online there are others that have replaceable blades so I will buy one of those I think.


The other consideration is with regards to how you hold it. The one I have is just like a normal plastic pen so it's to be held in exactly the same way that you would a pen. Some of the other makes have more erganomic style handles.

​So, definitely worth a try but as with most new things, it might take a bit of practice to get your technique up to scratch.

Would love to hear your thoughts and reviews.