Art In Nature

So, in my last post I chatted about how I love collecting all sorts of natural treasures during my walks. 

I thought it would be fun for us to brainstorm some creative ways to use these goodies we find. 


Surrounding ourselves with nature's beauty - the sounds, sights, and smells - is super important for our overall well-being, both physically and mentally. It's amazing how nature can soothe and calm us, right? 


Whether it's listening to nature sounds on an app, lighting a fragrant candle, or simply sitting quietly in a peaceful outdoor spot, we all know how refreshing it can be. I remember a time as a teenager when I was so reluctant to leave the tranquility of Windsor Great Park  (one of my old haunts) after a bike ride - it was hard to say goodbye! 


I always come back from my walks with pockets full of interesting treasures. Maybe it's a way to hold onto that natural magic a little longer, or maybe I'm just a bit of a collector at heart - who knows! 

Either way, there's something special about bringing a piece of nature into our personal spaces, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. 


Below, I've shared some ideas on how you can incorporate your finds into your home in fun and unique ways. I hope you enjoy trying them out!

Branches & Twigs

Let's talk about branches and twigs - they are so versatile and fun to work with! In the video above, you can see how I love to decorate with branches all year round. 


Right now, I'm thinking of making a new lamp for my living room using some big Silver Birch branches. I'll set them in a concrete base and wrap them with twinkly lights and those cool vintage Edison bulbs that are all the rage. 

You can find these bulbs everywhere, from eBay & Amazon to more high end stores.


I'm excited to give it a try!


Leaves are super handy for crafting - you can do all sorts of fun projects with them! 

Just imagine how lovely your living room would look with a cozy autumn display. 

There are endless possibilities - from making leaf rubbings to creating beautiful collages. 


Before you start, think about the type of leaf you'll need. For crayon rubbings, fresh leaves with visible veins work best. 


But for gluing leaves onto objects, thin, dry autumn leaves that are pressed flat are the way to go. 


Pinecones are one of my absolute favorite things to collect! I love searching for the perfect ones that haven't been snacked on by squirrels. 


I have pinecones from all over, but my favorites are the giant ones I brought back from Italy. I think they're just stunning. 


I like to keep them looking natural, but there are so many fun ways to use them - like painting them to look like flowers or turning them into cute birdfeeders for your garden. And let's not forget how great they are for festive decorations! 


This gorgeous lighted pine cone centerpiece from Natural Living Ideas that I'm totally obsessed with. I mean, who doesn't love twinkly lights highlighting the beauty of nature? It's a total winner in my book!



Isn't autumn just the best? The colors, the crisp air, and of course, the beautiful fungi displays! Now, I wouldn't recommend eating any you pick, unless you are a fungi expert.


Instead, why not try drawing or painting them? Their funky shapes and colors make for some amazing artwork. 


And remember, fungi don't last long once picked, so pop them in a sealed container in the fridge if you want to keep them around a bit longer. 


Or, you could always snap some photos of them in their natural habitat. 



When I was a kid, my grandad and I used to collect fungi on our walks and make spore prints with them. It was so much fun! 


Once fungi have opened their caps, they release their spores so we would cut off the stalk and lay the cap flat on a piece of paper to create a beautiful spore print which we would then fix to the paper with hairspray.


Here's an example along with a tutorial which you might want to check out. It has some good information regarding fungi as well as how to make a spore print.

I hope this article has sparked some creativity in you! 


I've curated a collection of project ideas on Pinterest just for you. 


I may have gone a little crazy with ideas, but I hope you find something that excites you. 


From DIY paint brushes made from twigs and leaves to stunning indoor trees crafted from branches, festive decorations, pressed flower lanterns, and herbal salves and ointments, there's a little something for everyone, young and old. 


Feel free to browse and don't hesitate to share photos of your creations with me!


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