The Chaotic Reality of Crafting Through Covid!

Hey there, lovely people! 

Isn't it just wonderful that we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, just in time for the beautiful spring weather? I don't know about you, but I've really missed being able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Being cooped up indoors for so long has been tough, especially for someone like me who loves the great outdoors. I have to admit, 


I've been keeping busy with all my crafting projects, which has been a real lifesaver during these challenging times. But, I have a little confession to make - I'm a messy crafter! It's no secret to my close friends and family. In fact, I even offered to pay my sister to clean my flat, but she turned me down, saying she didn't want a full-time job. Talk about cheeky, right? But, hey, I guess she's got a point - my messy craft area is a reflection of the chaos in my mind! 

As we start to see things opening up again, I realize that I need to get my clutter under control. I'm not sure if it's just a case of "Covid brain" or maybe a touch of menopause, but either way, it's time for me to tackle the mess and get things back in order. I'm sure some of you can relate to this struggle, right? I hope I'm not alone in this! 

So, I've put together some thoughts on the challenges I've faced over the past year, and while I don't have all the answers just yet, I have some ideas on how we can all keep the chaos at bay. I hope you find these musings helpful too. Let's navigate through this together, shall we?

1 - Home has become a complete mess!

* Having a place for everything*


So, you know how it is - with all this time spent at home, you'd think I'd have my place looking spotless, right? Well, let me tell you, that's just not the case! 

It's just me here, but somehow my housekeeping style is more like 'There appears to have been a struggle'! If a burglar ever came by, it might take me a minute to even notice! 

My desk is in desperate need of some tidying up. And don't even get me started on the fluffy bits of wool under the sofa - I think they might be multiplying with the dust bunnies! 

Between juggling multiple craft projects and creating tutorials for my local college and workshops, my to-do list is always full. 

And with my struggles with depression and CFS, I have to pace myself and take breaks when needed. 

So, if you ever stop by and see a bit of a mess, just know it's all part of the creative process! Thanks for understanding!

I love the idea of having everything in its place, but let's be real - custom storage can be pricey! 

Thankfully, Ikea has got our backs with tons of cool and budget-friendly storage solutions. Just take a peek on Pinterest and you'll see all the creative ways you can customize flat pack furniture to fit your needs. 


Money's been tight for me lately, but I'm slowly working on adding more storage to my place for all my art and craft supplies. I've found that plain white kitchen cabinets make a great base for a desk (even though you can't really see them under all the clutter in my photo!), with a thick piece of MDF on top. It all blends in nicely with my other desk to create one long workspace along the wall. 


My cupboards are packed to the brim now, but I still have a few items that need a home - hence why my living room is looking a bit chaotic at the moment! 

And that leads me to my next point...

 * Declutter regularly and take items to the charity shop or the dump*


So, I've been doing some decluttering lately and it feels so good! I mean, who doesn't love a good clear out, right? 

I've been going through all my stuff, asking myself if I really need it or if someone else could make better use of it. It's tough sometimes, but I'm all about that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" mentality. 


I've been checking out some Facebook groups for getting rid of things that are still in good condition. It's amazing how many people are willing to take stuff off your hands rather than see it go to waste. 


I recently got rid of a huge filing cabinet that was just taking up way too much space. A lovely couple came and picked it up to use as a food store during COVID - how cool is that? 


And let's talk about cleaning - ugh, not my favorite task, that's for sure. I've been watching some Youtube videos and reading Pinterest articles on how to save time on cleaning. I mean, who wouldn't want to cut down on cleaning time, right? 

My vacuum cleaner is barely hanging on, so I dream of the day when I can get one of those cordless handheld vacuums. It would make cleaning so much easier and quicker! 

Anyway, just wanted to share some decluttering and cleaning tips with you. 

Hope you find them helpful! Let's make our spaces cozy and clutter-free together. 


*Find ways to save time on cleaning*


Whether it's finding the right cleaning tools or figuring out how to declutter your space, there are so many helpful resources out there like YouTube videos and Pinterest articles that can give you some great tips. 


I recently realized that my vacuum cleaner is on its last legs and most of the attachments are broken. Vacuuming on my hands and knees is not the most fun experience, let me tell you! It's dusty, uncomfortable, and takes up so much time. I can't wait for the day when I can upgrade to a new vacuum that actually works properly. 


Remember, even if just one tip from all those videos and articles helps you out, it's a step in the right direction. We're all in this together, trying to keep our spaces clean and organized. Hang in there, and let's tackle this mess together!


And talking of time .......

2 - Time seems to be flying by

Ever feel like the day just slips away from you? 

It's like 4pm hits and suddenly you realize you haven't checked anything off your to-do list. 

I swear, sometimes it feels like the internet is playing tricks on me! 

Like, why does a simple task end up taking all day? And don't even get me started on those pesky Zoom meetings cutting out on us! 


But I've got some ideas to help me tackle these daily challenges. 


First off, planning out my day in advance can really make a difference. Trust me, it helps me stay on track and be more aware of how my day is going. 

Sure, I may not get everything done, but at least I feel more organized and productive. 


And let's talk about getting up early. I know, I know, it's tough & I hate it. But when I do manage to drag myself out of bed early, my day tends to go a lot smoother. It's all about creating those good habits, right? 


Oh, and don't even get me started on slow internet. It's the worst, especially when you're in the middle of an important meeting. That's why I'm thinking of upgrading to Fibre broadband. I mean, it's about time, right? 

Plus, it'll make everything run so much smoother. 


So there you have it, my personal tips to help me navigate through my daily struggles. 

3 - I’m putting on weight!!!

So, I've noticed that with all this time spent at home, I've been doing a whole lot more sitting than I used to. I mean, I don't think I'm eating any more than usual (she says whilst brushing the cookie crumbs off her clothes!!!) but I definitely need to start paying more attention to what I'm putting in my body. 


Normally, I'm all about healthy, homemade meals rather than processed foods, but let me tell you, this past year has been a real challenge in every way. 

My time management skills could use some work, which sometimes leads me to reaching for something quick and easy, but not-so-healthy, pizza for example. 


On the bright side, I've been making an effort to get out for a daily walk. I absolutely love being outdoors, so it's actually a treat for me. In fact, I'm currently sitting in my favorite local park as I type this!


 However, when it comes to getting in a good amount of exercise, it can be hit or miss. Some days I'll power through a 3-4 mile walk, while others I'll just take a leisurely stroll around the block. 


And let's not even get started on finding space to roll out my yoga mat at home! I had big plans to establish a solid yoga routine, but it always seems to fall through after a few months. It's frustrating, to say the least. Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. Just trying to find that balance between staying active, eating well, and taking care of myself. 

So here are some of my helpful tips to make life a little easier. 


  • One thing I love to do is batch cooking. I spend a day cooking up a storm, then divide everything into foil containers and pop them in the freezer. That way, on those crazy busy days when I have no time to cook, I've got a delicious meal ready in a flash. 
  • Another trick that works for me is setting timers throughout the day to remind me to move my body. I tend to get so caught up in my tasks that I forget to exercise. By setting timers on my phone, I get that gentle nudge to get up and get moving. It's a simple but effective way to stay on track. 
  • And let's not forget about clearing the living room floor. I'll be honest, I'm guilty of leaving papers and books scattered around when I work on my laptop. But taking a few minutes each night to tidy up means I wake up to a clutter-free space in the morning. Plus, it gives me room to roll out my yoga mat and start the day feeling refreshed. 


So there you have it - a few tips to help me stay on top of things. Here's to making life a little bit easier and more enjoyable!

4 - Running my own business

So, since July 2020, I've been out of the traditional work scene and relying on U/C benefits and a few teaching gigs to make ends meet. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but I've been keeping busy by putting myself out there and building up my online presence - like with this blog you're reading right now! 


Let me tell you, running your own freelance business is no walk in the park. I find myself glued to my laptop most days, working on marketing, advertising, and networking. Not exactly my idea of a good time, especially as someone who loves the great outdoors and creative pursuits. 


And the kicker? Just because I'm putting in the hours doesn't always mean I'm getting paid for it. It's a tough reality that often gets overlooked when people ask for quotes or pricing. 

It's not just about the time spent teaching a class - there's also the prep work, research, materials shopping, and more that goes into it. 


So, while I may not have as much time for my own craft projects as I'd like, the ones I do work on are usually for classes or tutorials. It's all part of the hustle, and I appreciate your support in understanding the behind-the-scenes of this creative journey. Thanks for being here with me!

I've been thinking about a few things lately and I would love to hear your thoughts and advice! 


First off, I really need to update my pricing. I want to make sure my workshops are affordable for everyone, but I think I might be undercharging for my time. I'm looking to create a pricing structure that reflects the effort I put in, while still being accessible. Any ideas on how I can strike that balance? 


Also, I've found that having a schedule really helps me stay on track. I don't always stick to it perfectly, but having some structure in place definitely speeds things up. Breaking tasks down into smaller, manageable pieces makes everything feel less overwhelming. Do you have any tips for staying organized and efficient? 


Lastly, I've realized that I need to make more time for my own art practice. I'm hoping that with a better schedule, I can carve out some time for myself. I used to love life drawing and pottery classes, but I've fallen out of the habit of doing things just for me. How do you make time for your own hobbies and passions? I appreciate any advice or thoughts you have to share! 

Let's support each other on this journey of growth and self-care. đź’–

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my chaotic life! 

I'd love to hear how you handle similar challenges and any tips you have for keeping things in check. 


Feel free to share your advice & thoughts here on the blog, 

on our Create! Facebook page, or on the Crafting From the Heart Instagram page. 

Let's keep the conversation going!


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