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Cushion Covers 3 Ways

So, this week in the UK, we're back to those tighter national COVID restrictions, which means more time spent at home. 

And can you feel that chill in the air? The weather is definitely changing! Usually, October is pretty mild, but it seems like winter is coming early this year. 

In my last post, we chatted about fun projects to keep us busy during the winter months. 


Personally, I find that I'm most creative when I'm in a cozy and happy space. So, with this hibernation period upon us, it's the perfect time to make sure our indoor spaces are set up in a way that brings us joy and sparks our creativity. 


Over the next few posts, let's dive into some specific ideas on how to decorate and personalize our indoor spaces. 

We'll explore creative ways to make our homes feel warm and inviting. Let's make our spaces as cozy as can be!

Who doesn't love sinking into a cozy sofa piled high with cushions? It's the perfect spot to curl up with a steaming mug of tea and, of course, some yummy biscuits! 


There's something special about adding your own personal touch to your home decor. I've found that Ikea has some fantastic cushion covers that are just begging to be customized. 


My personal favorite was a lovely green one, which you can spot in the photo. While they might not have as many bright colors now, the texture is perfect for getting creative. 


Need some ideas? I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for jazzing up these cushion covers, along with a fun DIY project that might have you raiding your partner's closet or eagerly awaiting the thrift store to open!

1 - Bleach Painted Cushion Cover

I'm so excited to share this fun technique with you! 


All you need is your favorite cushion cover, some bleach or sterilizing fluid in a spray bottle, a big piece of cardboard covered with newspaper to protect the other side of the cover, and some cool decorative elements for a reverse stencil effect. 


For my project, I used fern leaves as stencils and splashed bleach around to create a watercolor look. The original burgundy color of the cushion cover transformed into a gorgeous orange shade - so cool, right? 


Keep in mind that different fabrics and colors may react differently to bleach, so it's a good idea to test it on a small area first. Have fun experimenting and creating your own unique designs!

2 - Tie Dye Cushion Cover

Did you know that you can give tie dye a try without the whole messy bucket of dye situation? 


Yup, there are some awesome liquid fabric paints and inks that work like a charm. Trust me, if I can do it without turning myself into a rainbow, anyone can! 


I recently tried this technique on a t-shirt, but the principle works on cushion covers too. 

All you need is a plain, light-colored cushion cover, some fabric inks/paints, and elastic bands. Just gather up the center of your cover and start adding rows of elastic bands - it's super fun and easy! 


Check out this tutorial for a clear and simple guide. 

3 - Repurposed Shirt Cushion Cover

These DIY projects are really fun to do.


They look amazing in check/plaid fabric, especially if you're into that cozy, fall vibe. 


All you have to do is measure your cushion pad in the middle of the shirt, snip off the top and bottom, and stitch along the edges. 


The best part is that the buttons in the center act as the opening, so you don't have to worry about adding zippers or fasteners. 

t's a quick and simple craft that you'll love!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these 3 ideas and feel excited to start preparing your home for a warm and cozy winter! 😊 


I've shared some more ideas on our group Pinterest board for you to explore different ways to create and use cushions to add a personal touch to your space. 

Feel free to share your own ideas and creations with us here on the blog - we'd love to see them! Let's make our homes extra cozy together this winter! 🏡❄️


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